A social audiowalk in your own home

Homeparty is an audio experience in your own home for 4-9 participants, invited by you and all playing themselves – a guided-through psychological role-play about communities and social exclusion.

Once the host has started the evening, the participants are instructed through their earphones on what to do, what to say and how to feel. If you ever felt any kind of autopilot in your life, be sure to sense it for the duration of the performance.

Homeparty is a classic home party with a host or hostess, a group of invited guests and a common agenda that everyone believes they are familiar with but which everyone is trying to impact to their own benefit. And so, the party soon starts to go off track.

Homeparty is produced by BaggårdTeatret in Svendborg.

Duration: 60 min.
Language: Danish – and in English on a later date

Info about premiere, tickets and admission will continue to be updated on the website.

Concept fix+foxy
Produced by BaggårdTeatret

Development team

Director/text Tue Biering
Co-directors/text Linn Haldrup Lorenzen, Tone Haldrup Lorenzen & Katinka Hurvig Møller
Dramaturge/text, fix+foxy Cille Melgaard
Sound designer Asger Kudahl & Mathias Sørensen
Co. sound designer Magnus Hansen
Software developer Norbirk, v. Jeppe Norbirk
Voice Ari Alexander
Producer, fix+foxy Annette Max Hansen
Producer, BaggårdTeatret Sophie Villsen
Production manager Thomas Dam Jensen
Technician Kasper Lindgren
Graphic design & website Lea Helene Adelsten Olsen
Sales & Communications manager, BaggårdTeatret Jon Albjerg Ravnholt
Press & SoMe manager, fix+foxy Anne Bennike
Press photos Bobby Mandrup
Project coordinator Helle Olsen Reher
Business manager Anne Thomsen
Theater director and creative producer, BaggårdTeatret Jakob Engmann

Idea and concept Jeppe Kristensen & Tue Biering

HOMEPARTY will be, as you can read, a special show. Therefore it has been hard to define what to call this project.

Actually, it’s not even a show – it’s more of a social theatre game. We have also called it a ‘sound game’, and it has had many sub-headers: ‘A show about finding home to yourselves’, ‘War of the voices’, ‘You, me and us’, just to mention a few.
We were quick to decide though, that it definitely should not be called ‘Guided bullying’, which also was thrown in to the mix at some point. But: no worries.

Tue had gotten the idea for the project many years ago, and in 2022 we started a collaboration with BaggårdTeatret to bring it to life.
We started from the bottom and found out, that there were many reasons why it takes such a long time to develop a board- or computergame: it’s a huge project. We wanted to develop a sound performance that was able to work in houses, apartments, homes of any kind, and for people of all ages. The timing had to be just right, whether it takes you 4 seconds or 1 minute to go from your couch to your bedroom. Can we whisper in someone’s ear that they have to get up and stand on a chair? What if there are participants that have a hard time moving around physically, or what if the apartment the show’s playing in, just has folding chairs?

In our efforts to develop the game for so many different people as possible, when also trying to guard the integrity and quality of the game, we were forced to postpone the project a bit more. For every month that we’re working on it, it get’s better, more exciting, sharper and more fun. We’re excited about presenting it to you – and presenting it to ourselves, too.

In the meantime, you can get a quick glimpse of the process through these pictures below.

Pictures of the rehearsal period at our offices. Here you see Tue Biering, Cille Melgaard, Katinka Hurvig Møller and Mathias Sørensen that write, cut, play, brainstorm, try out etc.