Challenge 07


In 2007 there are general elections. Together with performer and activist Ellen Nyman and TV-Glad, a TV station run by disabled people, we are running an election campaign for three disabled employees at TV-Glad – Nikolaj, Vibeke and Amir. Their campaign is about speaking on behalf of all the minorities who are otherwise ignored in the election campaign of the major parties.

Concept and campaign Jeppe Kristensen, Ellen Nymann, Tue Biering, Lars Werner Thomsen, Jesper Michelsen, Mikkel Holmbäck, Henrik Marentius, Amir Becirovic, Nicolai K. Mittet, Vibeke Baden Laursen.


Descriptions, statements and tales from the process will be uploaded continuously.
In the meantime, you can take a look at our collection of behind-the-scenes photos, excerpts, graphics etc.