Come on, Bangladesh, just do it!

Five actors from Bangladesh have been taught the most necessary Danish for six weeks. Now they are on stage at the Royal Theater and will perform “Elverhøj”. The five actors are significantly cheaper labor than if they had been Danish actors. That’s convenient. Because then you can use the surplus in the budget to pamper others.

Come on Bangladesh, just do it! is outsourcing, so even Nike, the biggest outsourcing guru in the world, just has to say “Just Do It!

Produced by The Royal Danish Theatre.

It is a challenging fun idea to outsource the Danish national treasure Elverhøj.”


Performers Shamima Shawket Lovely, Shahnazzarin Sattar Reetu, Tomiz Din Mohammed Akbar R, Mohammad Abdul Wadud Shatabdi, Azad Abdul Kalam Pavel, Ellen Nyman, Thomas Corneliussen, Henrik Jandorf
Concept Jeppe Kristensen, Tue Biering
Text Jeppe Kristensen
Directing Tue Biering
Set-design Nicolaj Spangaa
Light design Ulrik Gad
Sound design Sebastian Lund
Stagemanager Eva Præstiin
Photo Per Morten Abrahamsen


Descriptions, statements and tales from the process will be uploaded continuously.
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