The best show in the world

June 18th. - 25th. 2011

Betty Nansen Theatre, Edison stage
Fifteen actors are fighting their way into a grandiose attempt to make the world’s best performance with everything that this may entail. From the world’s best beginnings to the world’s most touching ending, from birth to death, from extreme banalities to beaten highlights. The world’s best performance is a merging of tableaux, music, crooked stories and stunts, which in its own awkward and ironic form becomes a mirror of our lives and our attempt do everything the right way before it is too late.
The show is a co-production with Glad Teater. Glad Teater is a theater school for actors with disabilities.
The performance was developed together with the 15 actors who were on stage. Mission: not to make a departure performance, not to make a handicap performance, but a one of a kind performance, the world’s best for that matter.
Cast Amalie Kliim-Due, Anna Ersbøll Berg Poulsen, Anna Sophie Lübeck, Berit Aagaard Sørensen, Bo Hårdell, Carole Cuisine, Gertrud Magnusson, Kristine Olsen, Mai Vorreiter Jepsen, Ragna Huse, Rune von Würden, Sanjin Fischer, Sara Johansen, Siri Friis Vikeså, Troels Holstein Madsen
Directing Tue Biering
Manuscript Jeppe Kristensen, Tue Biering and Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz in collaboration with the actors
Scenography and costumes  Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
Assistent directing and manuscript Trine Lavgesen
Assistent scenography and costumes Franciska Johansen
Sound design Thomas Matyjasik
Stage management Mai Ji
Production management Loa Haslund Larsen
Produced by Glad Teater
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