CPH STAGE 2022, 9-11. juni


return of the loser

- Betty Nansen Teatret, Edison

Thursday 09th June 8.00pm (in English)
Friday 10th June 8.00pm
Saturday 11th June 3.00pm


Double Reumert award winner 2018
Rocky! – Special prize
Tue Biering – Director of the Year
Reumert award nomination 2018 – Morten Burian; Best performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Winner of Teaterkatten for Rocky in 2017 given by the Association of Danish Theater Journalists.

… original and politically liberating.

…this experience proved to me that theatre is able to deal with the most problematic discussions of zeitgeist and power..

The madness of the evening has given me a whole new view of the theatre’s potential. ROCKY! is 105 minutes of theatre that I will NEVER forget.

This is art that will follow you on your way out of the theatre.”

Incredibly high level of performance and presence. Raw, revealing and thought provoking.

“Bravo! (…) Prepare for an evening that stays with your soul long after! “

 I give ROCKY! my most insisting recommendation, if you dare look yourself in the eye.”
Kop Kultur

‘Rocky!’ shows us that the theatre can do a lot more than entertain – it can also challenge us on all levels.
Ungt Teaterblod

Husets Teater hereby tells the most important political history of the times.”

Politically essential theater.



ROCKY! is world-class acting and cutting-edge political theatre at its very best based on the movie about the loser- boxer Rocky Balbao. Danish actor Morten Burian pushes his body to its very limits in a highly physical performance that will swipe you off your feet. You will be challenged on your political opinions, your personal boundaries in a fiercely entertaining, severely socially critical, and wildly fascinating performance.

Jury – CPH Festival

Rocky! is the story about the triumphant loser tired of being jumped in the queue. Against all odds he rises over his own inferiority and social heritage. We love to hear these stories of the little man who fights his way up, defeating prejudice and an unfair system. But what if all the Rockies rise and turn against us – the left-leaning-well-meaning lot? What if our values and existence are being threatened and defeated? What if millions of Rockies are out there and have had enough of being laughed at and looked down upon, and now they want revenge and get a taste of what it means to be on top? Does the well-meaning lot, empathetic leftists still dream of giving the loser a voice – or is it now that they would rather not give Rocky any more chances?

ROCKY! is a journey into a society and its many different Rockies. Rocky is not just one person, but a multitude of people, a cleaved right-wing that cannot be contained in a simple analysis. At the same time Rocky is a concept personifying the worst fears of the left-wing.



The artist Morten Burian
Member of the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti): Cheanne Nielsen
Worker on stage Dennis Villads Thomsen

Director & playwright: Tue Biering
Set designer: Peter Schultz
Sound design: Ditlev Brinth
Light designer: Mathilde Niemann Hüttel
Dramaturge and translator: Pernille Kragh
Photographer: Henrik Ohsten
Trailer: Søren Meisner

Rocky! is originally produced by Husets Teater.

Available for touring



Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2022 TBA