Fix&Foxy has produced original work for little more than a decade – theatre, sound performances and digital formats. Our work is driven by curiosity and a desire to create complex narratives through playful, entertaining and easily accessible formats while challenging our prejudices – our presumptions and misconceptions about ourselves and the world around.

We want to engage with our society and address the times we live in by involving our audiences – and by telling stories about the people who make up society. Often we invite people on stage who are rarely presented or represented in theatres – because we believe that performing art plays a vital role in society – and we can actually make a difference when people meet face to face and confront and interact with people they have opinions about but hardly ever meet in person.

We have worked with physically and mentally challenged people, children, prostitutes, refugees, homeless people and other groups alienated from mainstream society. We continue to do so along with staging plays with a more conventional set up with trained actors – or we mix the two genres and concepts. Whatever we do, however we do it – we always entertain the element of surprise.

Fix&Foxy forms a team for each production and is privileged with a large group of creative artists that we continue to work with. On a daily basis the company is run by artistic director Tue Biering, producer Karoline Michelsen, and international producer Annette Max Hansen.

In 2022 Tue Biering received The Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Award, which is awarded to a notable Danish, Faroese or Greenlandic artist who has delivered an exceptional performance.

Daily management

Tue Biering, artistic director
Phone: +45 40 42 36 38

Astrid Gravsholt, adm. manager

Annette Max Hansen, international producer

Anne Bennike, press & communication

Cille Melgaard, dramaturg, process developer

Katinka Hurvig Møller, co director

Advisory board

Kristan Hessler, expert PA Consult
Svante Lindeburg, director of Golden Days
Mads Pramming, lawyer Ehmer Pramming
Anders Sørensen, founder of Relate
Ulla Tofte, Director of the Maritime Museum
David Zahle, partner BIG

Tue Biering, Chairman
Jeppe Kristensen, Vice Chairman
Søren Normann Hansen, Treasurer

Fix&Foxy is supported by Danish Art Foundation for performing arts in the period 2017-2020. Fix&Foxy receives support from Bikubenfonden for international activities in the period 2017-2020.