Against all odds

The statistical destiny of 22 children

19 January - 2 February 2019 - Betty Nansen Teatret


Winner of Reumert Award 2019 in the category: Performance of the year

A strong and effective constellation.”

Strong theatre experience: you want to adopt them all.”

One of the best bids on how to make engaging theatre
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22 children between 10 – 14 years relate to their possible future fate based on statistics. Against All Odds is a story about children’s lives and what they could potentially look like as future adults –  according to figures and forecasts from several research institutes. It is a projection of the statistics, however brutal and uncompromising.

Against All Odds is based on extensive research. The children on stage are cast based on their background, broadly representing the composition of children in Denmark in relation to social classes and family relations.



Participants 22 children aged 10-14
Anna Olympia Bøss, Artianne Olivia Søgaard Andersen, Asta Bundgaard Wanscher, Conrad Bengtsson, David Prammann, Emma Skov Dahl Christiansen, Falke Lindegaard Hvidtfeldt, Felix Worsøe Alegre, Frederikke Holm Bergendorff, Ida Møller, Isaac William Bjerregaard, Jaafar Machal, Kajsa Krogh Larsen, Luka Gry Selander, Michael Basse Theobald, Molly Grand, Nikolaj Hansen, Nicholai Kristensen, Ronja Emilie Clemens Tillebeck, Samir Abdi Elni, Thea Hagelskjær Godskesen, Ursula Outzen, Zaraphina Corrie Bendtsen.

Director and concept: Tue Biering
Choreographer, caster & co-director: Freja Rault-Lykkeberg
Costume and set designer: Karin Gille
Sound designer: Janus Jensen
Light designer: Malte Hauge
Caster, coordinator & narrative consultant: Nanna Bøndergaard Buttens
Dramaturge: Tanja Diers
Researcher: Kristoffer Lundberg, Freja Rault-Lykkeberg, Astrid Louise Rasmussen, Tanja Diers, Katinka Hurvig Møller, Amanda Højbjerg Jacobsen & Tue Biering
Production manager: Sigurd Damgaard
Props Coordinator: Therese Jensen
Stage Manager: Pernille Kabell
Costume maker: Camilla Lind
Press Officer: Anne Bennike
Communications Officer: Katrine Haugaard
Producer: Karoline Holm Michelsen
Photographer and video: Søren Meisner
Director’s Assistant: Katinka Hurvig Møller
Assistant: Maj Liv Holen

Against All Odds is produced in collaboration with Betty Nansen Teatret.
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.