Premieres on January 27th 2022

Imperial Troopers

A thriller about our fear of being invaded

January 27th – February 12th 2022 - Betty Nansen Teatret (DK)

Once they were grillbar owners. Those were the pioneers. It is a long time ago, and many more have arrived since. Back then we had no idea they were slowly invading our minds and our culture. Now they are everywhere, closing in. We have had dreams about them, yet only few of us have ever met or seen them.

We have located evil in the world and we call it China. It now stands between them and us. The question is: What do they want from us? At what point will they stop? Are we quietly being replaced facing total submission?

FIX&FOXY invites the pioneer troops of the enemy onto the stage, into our theater. But is this actually theatre or just another Chinese manipulative attempt to get into our heads?

Imperial Troopers is a thriller about our fear of being invaded inspired by the cult splatter movie “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”. Expect Kung Fu, shadow puppetry, dragon dancers, and all those from the first wave who have been here forever – joined by the voices whispering and echoing in your mind.


Cast Actors from China, Chinese living in Denmark, and some of them we just think resemble them.
Director Tue Biering
Set Designer Johan Kølkjær
Sound design Jes Theede
Light design Elke Laleman
Props Josefine Elke Larsen
Costumes Ane Katrine Schyth Kjær
Stage manager Pernille Kabell
Consultant Fabrizio Massini
Research  Nannan Chen
Producer Karoline Holm Michelsen

Produced in collaboration with Betty Nansen Teater.

The show is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation for Performing Arts,  Nordic Culture Fund, S.C. Van Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond and Beckettfonden.