- (DA) Færøerne, 2009


Three actresses and a film crew are on a mission in the Faroe Islands: You have 14 days to transform the Faroe Islands and the lives of 21 Faroese people into a soap opera. They must create 7 episodes of Dollars – 7 different locations in the country.

Twenty-five years ago, Dollars hit the world’s – and the Faroe Islands’ – television screens. Shoulder pads, crepe irons, pastel colors and blood-red nails became high fashion, catfights and intrigues the highlight of the week. Although it is a long way from Klaksvig to Colorado, Dollars FO set out to recreate Dollars on the Faroe Islands. It became a hunt for the great passions and dramas in the small island community.

Could we find star quality in even the smallest settlement? Would it be possible to cast, style, film, cut and before the end of the day welcome the premiere of an episode of a soap? Could it possibly go wrong if we all contain a good story?

Dollars FO was a show about drama and passion in everyday life, about feeling like a star and about seeing your life through the vaseline lens of soap. The seven episodes that Dollars (FO) produced are the result of a magnificent effort by the Faroese civil society. For a while, all distinctions between religious, political, and social groupings were abolished in favor of fictitious battles across … religious, political and social divisions!

With Dollars as a humorous and recognizable approach, the Faroese community participated for 14 days in an open-hearted and merciless description of the divisions, repressions, intrigues – and unity of the modern Faroe Islands.