Triumph of the Will

November 1- 20, 2012 -

“Remake of Nazi film in DSB building is ingenious concept theater”

Art and politics are separate entities and what I did was in the world of art.”
Leni Riefenstahl

In ”Triumph of the Will” we attempt to recreate one of the greatest yet most problematic masterpieces of cinematic history: Leni Riefenstahl’s nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. As a gifted, avantgarde woman Riefenstahl happened to ruin art’s relationship with beauty. With her poetically filmed and brilliantly edited movie, she turned art’s relationship with optimism and community rotten.

Triumph of the Will is a masterpiece about freedom, community and optimism. It’s a piece of art, that through its beauty and sublime aesthetics, manages to bring its audience a feeling of hope and will to change the world. The movie, its participants and its audience, changes the world with a power and effect no piece of art has had before or after.

Can art bring political messages and still in the name of art free itself from responsibilities of its own effect?

Cast Anders Mossling m.fl.
Concept and directing Tue Biering og Jeppe Kristensen
Scenography  Sille Dons Heltoft
Videodesign Jonas Jongejan
Camera operators Johan Bichel Lindegaard og  Jonas Thorbjørn Rishøj
Light design Raphael Solholm og Kristine Hamann Rasmussen
Sound design Jes Brander Theede
Stage management  Pernille Kabell
Directors asistents Johan Sarauw & Franziska Koller
Scenography assistent Joy Sun-Ra Pawl Hoyle
Press and marketing Janne Schnipper
Graphics/trailer/press photos Søren Meisner
Producer and production management  Søren Normann Hansen
The show is supported by Copenhagen Council for Performing Arts.