January 2021

We the one %

Fix & Foxy invites the richest of the rich into our notion of them ...

January 20 - February 6 - Revolver på Republique

They live in ghettos. They mostly socialize with people who share their own values. They place their kids in special schools and have no interest in contributing to the community.

Fix&Foxy invites the richest of the richest on stage and into our imagination and our ideas of how they live.  An idea of the isolated living in extreme wealth distanced from the rest of society. We get to know about their earnings. Their travels. Their reflections on polarisation and poverty. Why money means everything to them. We get to get a taste of their sweet life and maybe, just maybe a tiny part of us identify with them. We experience what it is like to be able to choose and pick from the top shelves and enjoy first-class life. And for a second, we do not feel so bad about it. This is when lower classes knock on the door…

Director Tue Biering
Set designer Karin Gille
Participants Homeless, romas, indebted people, the upper class, people on social benefits and those who attend theatre performances to gaze at the others…
Photo Søren Meisner

We the one % is a co-production with Revolver på Republique.

The production is supported by Danish Arts Foundation and Beckett-Fonden.