February 21 - March 13, 2015 - Republique Theatre

Winner of Reumert Award 2015 in the category: Special prize of the year

“The illusion, the sensory impressions and the encounter with the young people contribute to a courageous confrontation with one’s self and one’s own feelings.”

Youth is a staging of the most terrible and wonderful time in life. A staging of that one place, where the big existential questions line up and the identity starts to take shape. When the audience meets 30 real young individuals everything revolves around love, uncertainty, ambition, anxiety, social relations and choices in life.

The auditorium of Republique Theater is rebuilt into a campsite with sand and a forest lake, and each one of the audience members is invited to accommodate a tent with a young person. Together they experience a “theatrical day”, where everything can happen, and the phenomenon of youth is explored into details.

Concept & directing Tue Biering and Jeppe Kristensen
Cast Astrid Haugesen, Ava Bratejka Lindberg, Baldrian Sector, Celeste Emilie Auken, Christiane Kjærgaard Ibsen, Christina Nielsen, Clara Fasting Prebensen, Ditte Krøll Paavig, Emilie Gjaldbæk-Sverdrup, Emilie Munkholm Hjort, Freja Sofie Jørgensen, Frida Marie Rosendahl, Gabrielle Kicaite, Goktug Kamas, Ida Bjørn Jensen, Jakob Højeng-Swensson, Joanna Kastrup, Jonas Mering Slotorub, Julius Gotthardt Møller, Karla Haugesen, Karla Wald, Katinka Hurvig Møller, Krista Marianne Milman, Line Villemann, Linea Caroline Due, Ludvig Brostrup, Maia Bojsen Thyme, Malik Persson, Marius Henius Dreijer, Max Levin Kugler, Natasha Bach, Nina Terese Rask, Nora Aase Riechert Evald, Regitze Wat
Production assistant Emilie Bendix
Directing assistents Christine Juhl Sørensen and Kristoffer Lundberg
Set design Johan Kølkjær
Light design Michael Breiner
Sound design Jes Brander Theede
Photo Per Morten Abrahamsen
Production Republique Theatre