Challenge 07

(DA) 2007 -

In 2007 we wanted to do a performance in relation to the elections to the national parliament. As the electorial campaigns roared, we were disgusted by the way all parties were addressing only majority groups, promising these groups more welfare and an easier living.
Together with performer and activist Ellen Nyman and TV GLAD, a TV station managed by disabled, we then ran a campaign for three disabled working at the TV station – Nikolaj, Vibeke and Amir.
Their campaign was focused on the ambition to talk for all minorities ignored in the major campaigns.
Thanks to a great effort by a group of volunteers, Nikolaj, Vibeke and Amir collected enough signatures to actually appear on the voting bills for the elections.

The happening somewhat surprisingly made visible a very strong discrimination on  ‘not-normals’ in the danish medias. The national tv-station DR showed interest in the campaign, but would not show disabled people. A reaction that made the TV station reflect on their policies and finally – after the elections – inviting Nikolaj, Vibeke and Amir into the channels most prestigious interview program for a talk on minorities, elections & politics and the way ‘ugly’ minorities are deliberately hidden in Denmark.

Concept and campaign Jeppe Kristensen, Ellen Nymann, Tue Biering, Lars Werner Thomsen, Jesper Michelsen, Mikkel Holmbäck, Henrik Marentius, Amir Becirovic, Nicolai K. Mittet, Vibeke Baden Laursen.