April 2011 - Copenhagen Central Station, track 11 & 12

“The experience confirms that good theater does not have to take place on stage.”

Come come take the journey into the opera called Parsifal
Come take the journey into the unknown dangerous foreign
Past the foreposts of your culture
Come be part of the opera crusade
Don’t  be afraid you’ve got Wagner and good taste on your side
Knight of Good Taste!Hereby Wagner’s last great opus, a testament of the golden age of western culture, a desperat denial of cultural decline and a cartoonish super-hero epic with music added, performed where the bourgeusie, the cultural elite, those in power and thes well off never venture: a white spot on the map, a parallel society, a wound in the side og your world.

Parsifal was a travel-opera. The performance brought the opera audience out to the Brøndby Strand suburb.

In the surroundings and guts of this iconic concrete project Parsifal staged a meeting between two different enclosures: the remote, ridiculed social housing project and the elitist opera audience.With this performance we humbly tried to fix the gaps in our society; and we tried to face our infected cultural heritage.

With Daniel Norback, Per Jellum, Carl Christian Rasmussen, Laila Rong Hanna, Joachim Knop
Directed by Tue Biering & Jeppe Kristensen
Scenography Sille Dons Heltoft
Score Maja Romm
Head of choir Rose Munk
Sound technician Jonas Jørgensen
Light design Malte Haugaard
Costume production Camilla Lind
Tailor Mai Steenberg
Producer Sara Nissen
Production manager and stage manager Anders Sylvest
Performance manager Pernille Kabell
Set build by Johan Brandt Richardt
Assistent to the directors Ane Bank Olesen