Love Theater


(DA) 2015 - Pumpestationen, Copenhagen

“The performance challenges one’s predudices about dirty sex tourism and the prostitutes of Thailand – with a surprise maneuver, that goes against the naughty expectations of the performance.”

“A cultural discovery that you must try in order to understand the prejudices around Thailand.”
Ungt Teaterblod


We move a small part of Thailand, the hotspot of sextourism to Copenhagen: A Thai hotel room and a sex worker, who recreates her life – with the audience as her customers. An extremely intimate performance on a global topic told through touches, smells, sounds and the meeting with another human being.

Ping Pong normally lives in the Thai city of Chiang Mai and has been a sex worker with Thai and Western men as customers, friends, boyfriends and relations for 20 years. She takes part in our sensual and playful analysis of what sextourism is and what it tells us about our world and our identity. Why do so many people travel so far for an intimate relation?

In the performance an audience of ten enter a Thai hotel room with Ping Pong. Here, one by one, they take part in reliving encounters, she has had with customers. She directs them and guides them through the episodes. What happens when two people meet in a beer bar in Thailand?

It’s a performance about sex of course, but also all the other needs we have. Like love, for example.

With Ping Pong (born Thanta Laovilawanyakul)
Concept and directing Tue Biering og Jeppe Kristensen
Set design Sille Dons Heltoft
Sound design Rasmus Kreiner
Light design David Abad
Stage manager Christine Seierstad
Production manager Maiken Bruun-Aamodt
Props Josephine Else Larsen
Carpenters Johan Brandt Richard, Lina Gallo, Rasmus Fredborg
Painter Niels Bruun-Aamodt
Assistant Anna Ida Pezzot
Intern Holger Skriver
Light and sound operator Bjarke Jepsen & Michael Roger
Producers Ane Bank og Søren Norman Hansen
Consultant Hanne Thornager
Communikation & PR Karen Toftegaard.
Grafic, photo og poster Søren Meisner

Thanks to Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Hofor, Teater Zeppelin, Steen Reiter. A special thanks to Kasper Ravnhøj.

Supported by Danish Arts Council, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg og Konsul George Jorcks og hustru Emma Jorcks Fond.