Land without dreams

April 21st. 2018 - June 2nd. 2018

Royal Danish Theatre

On stage is a woman claiming to be from the future. She says that we have stopped dreaming. That she is here to save us from ourselves. This is the show to end all your dystopian nightmares.

Performance period 21 April – 2 May 2018
Venue Det Kongelige Teater, Lille Scene
Performers Lise Lauenblad & people from the future
Director and text Tue Biering
Director’s assistant Louise Thuesen
Set- and light designer  Edward Loyd Pierce
Consultant Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
Sound designer Janus Jensen
Dramaturge Tanja Diers
Stage managers Christine Seierstad & Manda Jønsson
Graphics/photo Søren Meisner
Producer Annette Max Hansen

Supported by The Danish Arts Council and Knud Højgaard Foundation.

Produced in collaboration between Fix&Foxy and Eventministeriet/Royal Danish Theatre.

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