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Four veterans look back in time

30 October - 5 December 2020 - Edison, Betty Nansen Theatre



Their lives are changed. They all suffer from PTSD. They have all had experiences that have definitively changed them and their lives.

Four war veterans are fighting their very own battle trying to find their way back into the world. A battle in which they challenge their PTSD, their shame and lack of confidence in the most ultimate and exposed way.

With the film classic Deer Hunter as a guide, Fix & Foxy invite five war veterans to go back in time and meet themselves and who they once were. They revisit the life-changing moments in an attempt to recreate their lives. The life they lived before it fell apart.



Participants Four Danish war veterans
Director and script Tue Biering
Set designer Ida Grarup
Sound design Daniel Fogh 
Light & videodesign Andreas Buhl

Music arrangement Louise Alenius
Dramaturge Tanja Diers
Participant consultant Sascha Kempinski
Sound concept Asger Kudahl
Image photo Catrine Zorn
Photo Søren Meisner
PR Rosa Dehn Callesen

Produced in collaboration with Betty Nansen Teater.

The show is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation for Performing Arts, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorcks Fond and Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond and Kirkens Korshær Genbrug & Logistikcenter.