This season


1st of April - 24th of April 2020

Edison, Betty Nansen Teatret

Their lives have changed. They have PTSD. Some of them live far out in the woods, others have lost their wife and children. Some have criminal cases for liquor driving, others face threats from the municipality. They have forgotten the meaning of life and several have attempted suicide.

With the family, old video footage, photo albums, ex-girlfriends and friends, six former soldiers tries to recreate life they lived before the war. They start a conversation with the person they once were.
A man who doesn’t not know that everything will be crushed.

MY DEER HUNTER is not a narration of war, but of changing, maturing, and being challenged in the face of human-lifes most life changing experiences.

Cast Five Danish war veterans and their family, friends, lovers, children and others.
Director Tue Biering
Set Design Ida Grarup
Composer Louise Alenius
Graphics Søren Meisner

Produced in collaboration with Betty Nansen Theater.

The show is supported by the National Art Fund, the Augustinus Foundation, the Knud Højgaard Foundation, the Louis-Hansen Foundation and the Jorck Foundation.